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9 Questions to ask when reviewing your prospective book publisher

Unfortunately, the publishing industry is crowded, noisy, and filled with predatory service providers. This makes it very hard for you, the author, to understand and avoid those publishers with bad practices. 

There are many solid, reputable, and high-quality publishers out there, but finding them among the sea of predatory publishers can be tricky. 

When you are comparing publishers, make sure you are comparing a high-quality reputable publisher against another one, and not against a predatory publisher. This is the equivalent of comparing apples and zucchinis.

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9 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Publisher Guide 
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As a First Time Author, Here's What You DON'T Know That You NEED to Ask...

Once you’ve eliminated the publishers that are not worth your time speaking with and you now have a short list of publishers who you do want to speak with, ask them these types of questions to help identify if they are the right fit for you.

In this guide you will find 9 categories that include 2-6 specific qualifying questions in each.

1. Company Values

If you and your publisher are coming from the same place with your vision and mission for this world, it’ll make the publishing process even more seamless. The reverse can also be true. 

2. Provider

Something to understand at the start of your evaluation is that not all publishers are created equal. You want to ensure what you are looking for is what you are actually getting. It is important to know the differences between providers.

3. Success Stories

Testimonials from recently published authors go a long way. If they will provide the name of someone, follow up with that person. It’ll be worth your time to do so.

4. Processes

There are many publishers that you will never speak to. You will submit your manuscript and it is solely email communication with form templates and canned responses. Depending on your needs as an author, evaluate their answers against your desired level of collaboration.

5. Manuscripts

Read the fine print on how they handle the editing process of your manuscript. These questions will show you exactly what to look for.

6. Rights

What type of rights should you have? Read the fine print to see what is standard and these questions will guide you on what to look for.

7. Contracts

Contracts can be tricky. What hidden clauses are in the fine print that dramatically impact the intellectual property of your book?

8. Minimum Orders

Minimum orders can cost you $10,000 or more. These questions will help you understand your legal obligations.

9. Royalties

Know your royalty arrangement. What's good? What's bad? These questions will provide clarity.
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